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What will I learn this year?

7th grade science includes study in all disciplines of science through a life science focus. Visit each of the individual unit pages for more details.


Will we have homework?

Yes. In order to use our short time together each day effectively, homework will be assigned from time to time. Most often, homework will be due to not finishing an assignment during the class period.

How will my grade be calculated?

In each 9wk grading period, students will earn grades classified as either 'major' or 'minor'. Major grades make up 70% of the term grade and minor grades make up 30%. 

When is tutoring?

Tuesdays during PRIDE time and before and after school by appointment only (you will need a pass). 

What if I'm absent?

It is the student's responsibility to get any make up work he/she missed while absent. In our classroom, there is a 'Make Up' work bin that is organized by date. If you are absent, check the bin first. If you have any questions or do not find anything for the date you were absent, please speak with Mrs. Knight at an appropriate time at the beginning or the end of the class period. Students will have one day for each day missed to make up the assignments.

What if I'm tardy?

Class periods are relatively short in middle school so it is essential we begin and end on time. There is ample time between classes to move from one room to another. If you are tardy, check in at the Pride House office (across the hall from my room) and get a pass to class.


What are Mrs. Knight's classroom expectations?

In order to maintain an effective learning environment, Mrs. Knight uses class rules that are adopted from Whole Brain Teaching.

What happens if I am not following expectations?

On the occasion, a student may have a tough time following the classroom expectations which not only affects his/her learning that day, but also the learning of others in the class. We will follow this 5 step plan:

.....1. Redirect/Warning

.....2. Refocus/Written reflection

.....3. Lunch detention and Parent Contact

.....4. Office Referral and Parent Contact

If a student's behavior is egregious (outstandingly bad/shocking), the student will receive an office referral.


What is the class policy on food and/or drinks?

Food and/or drink is not allowed in the science classroom as a general safety rule when we are doing lab activities.

How do I fill out my planner? 

On Monday, you will write the "I WILL ..." statement for the week. 

Every day, you will write the DSQ (daily science question) in your planner.

Here's an example:

Planner Example2
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